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2015-16 PGE Board Members

A parent advocacy group supporting students and families of the Renaissance Gifted (grades 1st-12th) and Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) (grades 6th-12th) Programs in Rockford Public School District 205 (RPS205).

Title Name Email Address Phone Number
Co-President Dawood Harunani 815-222-7229
Co-President Frankie Larsen 815-970-4352
Co-Vice President Jen Wood 815.979.1955
Co-Vice President
Secretary Sarah Nonevski 216-509-8702
Treasurer Patrick Gallaher 858.232.1406
Auburn Gifted Liaison Sameena Zahurullah 815.505.6612
Marshall Gifted Liaison Susan Fumo 815.670.2456
Washington Gifted Liaison Saman Hanif 815-440-8881
Directory Joy Ditsch 815-298-0144
PGE Board Member Suzanne Shelain 773.419.6336
West CAPA Liaison
Auburn CAPA Liaison  Danette Maynard  815.505.0445

Mailing Address :  PGE Co-Presidents; c/o Thurgood Marshall School; 4664 North Rockton Avenue; Rockford, IL 61103


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