Calendar of Events – Join Us

As parents/guardians of students in the gifted program, you are a member of the PGE and PTO.  Parental involvement is of the utmost importance for the student’s social, emotional and academic success.  Please talk with your PTO leaders and explore the possibilities for your involvement this coming school year.

The PGE and PTO is an important link with the administrators, teachers and parents.  This year, we are combining our PGE & PTO monthly meetings to allow for better coordination and communication with the 1-12 program. See below for the monthly meeting format and dates.

We will meet on the first (1st) Tuesday of the month,  6:00pm in the Marshall School library at 4884 N. Rockton Ave, Rockford IL 61103


Meeting Format:

PGE – 30 minutes.

  • PGE, Gifted and CAPA Academy news for all grades
  • Give committee updates
  • Parent Q & A

Breakout Sessions into respective PTO Boards by buildings

  1. Marshall Elementary PTO, Administrator interested parents and staff stay in the library,
  2. Marshall PTO, Administrators and interested parents meet in adjoining conference room off the library,
  3. Auburn Gifted and CAPA parents, Administrators meet in designated area

PGE welcomes parents, administrators and teachers of the Gifted and CAPA Academies

Please message us if you have any questions about this event at 


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