A parent advocacy group supporting students and families of the Gifted (grades 1-12) and CAPA- Creative and Performing Arts (grades 6-12) Academies in Rockford Public School District 205 (RPS205)

Goals and Objectives

  1. Increase marketing & communication for Gifted (grades 1-12) and CAPA – Creative and Performing Arts (grades 6-12) Academies in RPS205.
    • Celebrate and promote student successes.
    • Develop and maintain PGE Facebook, eNewsletter, new website, and PGE & PTO monthly meetings.
    • Create online directory.
    • Increase participation with online volunteer sign-ups.
    • Allow donations to be made through PayPal.
    • Hold events featuring speakers including, our Superintendent, our administrators and other guest speakers.
    • Establish a consistent program name for Gifted program locally, regionally and nationally.
    • Keep parents informed on gifted issues and opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.
    • Increase awareness and rally parents for issues and concerns regarding gifted and CAPA issues.

2.  Help students and parents with college preparation.

    • Work with dedicated college counselor assigned to Gifted and CAPA.
    • Improve Parents Guide & Resource College Next Steps.
    • Increase college recruiter awareness of Auburn as a Gifted program.
      • Increase college recruiter visits to Auburn.
      • Form a parent-led ad-hoc committee to support this effort.

3. Support & partner with Renaissance Gifted and CAPA PTO/Booster Club.

    • Nominate a parent liaison for both Academies at Marshall Elementary, Marshall Middle, West and Auburn.
    • Coordinate with PTO officers for special events, guests speakers and forums.
    • Conduct a joint PGE and PTO monthly meeting.

4.  Support students’ learning differences.

    • Increase opportunities for students to express, explore, and learn about the diverse characteristics of giftedness, social issues, and positive coping skills.
    • Offer SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model to parent groups in fall and spring.
    • Conduct educational forums for parents and teachers concerning educational outcomes for gifted children.  

5.  Collaborate with parents, teachers, staff, administrators, PTO’s and School Board.

    • Strengthen communications, student offerings, and marketing of the Gifted and CAPA Academies.
    • Maintain awareness of School Board activities and how they impact Gifted and CAPA programs.

6.  Advocate for gifted education locally and at the state level.

    • Work with RPS205 leaders, administrators, teachers, staff and school board.
    • Maintain strong relationship with Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC).
    • Work for restoration of state funding for gifted education.

7.  Maintain and award Ruth Harris scholarship fund.

    • Raise a minimum of $1,000 annually to fund the Ruth Harris scholarship fund.
    • Announce scholarship and provide application guidelines to graduating high school Gifted and CAPA seniors.
    • Review applications.
    • Present and award up to two $500 book scholarships.

8.  Support annual gifted program eligibility testing and auditions.

    • Showcase the Gifted Academy to students and families interested in taking the admissions test.
      • Recruit volunteers to greet and check-in families, monitor hallways, ask for donations and or provide snacks and refreshments for parents and their family members.  
      • Display current gifted students’ art work.