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Archive of News and information from Terry James Mohaupt, District Representative IAGC (Illinois Association for Gifted Children)

May 24, 2007: Sally Walker (Illinois Assocation for Gifted Children) – Help Get Gifted Education Funding

Gifted education has a $5 million line item in the state budget. It is far from the $19 + million that we once had, but it is a start. There are politics involved. Things are so uncertain right now, it is hard to tell what is going to happen.

I am asking our members and friends tocall, e-mail, fax, and send letters to legislators of both houses asking them to vote for the $5 million in the final budget. Please do this before the end of May when legislators will adjourn. IAGC needs your support to let legislators know how important this money is to the education of gifted and talented students in Illinois. Click here for the details on what you can do now.

February 27, 2007: Terry Mohaupt (Illinois Assocation for Gifted Children) – Please Don’t Leave Our Children Behind Day

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for “Please, Don’t Leave Our Children Behind” Day in our state Capitol. See law-making in action, meet your local legislators, join together for a picnic lunch with other families of gifted children from across the state, visit historic sites, tour the new Lincoln Library, and more!
Click here to get the full story (printable pdf format.)

October 15, 2006: Terry Mohaupt (Illinois Assocation for Gifted Children) – Board of Education Budget Hearings

The Illinois State Board of Education is holding budget hearings for the FY’08 budget. This is the first in a series of legislative procedures that could ultimately result in funding for gifted education. You can make adifference by attending a hearing and speaking on behalf of the educationalneeds of gifted students in Illinois. Click here to find out what you can do and for a schedule of the meetings times and locations.

Gifted Funding Legislative Summary Winter / Spring 2006

April 6: Last days left to contact your legislators to restore gifted funding
March 22: We have less than 3 weeks left
January 20: State Gifted Funding in Jeopardy
February 3 Update: Send a Letter to the Governor

February 28: Budget Hearing Update

April 6: UPDATE on the status of Illinois gifted funding for 2006-2007
1. A line item for gifted funding still needs to be added to the state budget.
2. The proposed Rules & Regulations for gifted funding are available for public comment until May 15
Click here to for details and what you can do now.

March 22: We have less than 3 weeks left to let Illinois legislators know that we need gifted funding restored as a line item in the budget.Click here for details and to find out what you can do now.

Thursday evening, Jan. 19th, the ISBE Board met to consider requests and to make recommendations that will go to the governor with regards to funding. Nancy Hertzog, IAGC Advocacy Co-Chair and IAGC Board member, testified and then stayed for the entire meeting. The ISBE Board did not recommend a line item for gifted. No funding was allocated for gifted! The next step is to contact the governor. The final state budget is being prepared NOW and will be presented Feb. 15. Click here for details.

Click here to view to sample letter to the Governor.

Click here to view the story of the February 27th House Appropriations Hearing in Springfield where IAGC representatives presented the case for Gifted funding before the committee.

Winter 2006: Message from NAGC: Javits Bill Approved

“Greetings, I could not be more pleased, and relieved, to report that late last [month] the Senate…approved the 2006 Labor/HHS/Education appropriations conference report, which includes $9.693 million for the Javits program. The House had approved the same report [the previous] week. The President is expected to sign it into law shortly.” Click here to read the full letter from Jane Clarenbach Director, Public Education & Affiliate Relations National Association for Gifted Children

October 15, 2004: IAGC (Illinois Association for Gifted Children) Gifted Fact Sheet

Here is the most up-to-date version of the Gifted Fact Sheet, the position paper prepared by IAGC for distribution to all decision-makers.

Support the Services of an Experienced Policy Advisor

You can join other concerned parents and educators throughout Illinois who are donating $5.00 (or more) to support the services of an experienced policy advisor who is working with IAGC to make our presence known in Springfield. Click here for details.

Why contribute? Click here to read a short letter from Sally Walker, IAGC Executive Director and a response from IAGC’s political representative.

Click here for contact information for National and State Elected Officials

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